Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We are NOT DEAD!!!

hello everyone it's been a while. im so sorry for been very slow. Since working and going to school is not a easy thing to do but we going even if is slowly. Also right now we are short of staff probably 4 or 6 active, just one cleaner and we have already some script pile up. well in resume WE ARE NOT DEAD, im very thankful to those that in some way were worry about us and those who always make us keep going.

till our next release

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another release!!

Hi everyone!!!

Well i have been like a mad dog typesetting since i just have 4 more days before my classes start again. Well today we are glad to bring 2 chapter of you beloved yaoi manga Class president. Thanks to the spanish raws from Aliciaclampfanatica and of course we are very thankful since they gave us permission to continue re-translate this. We apologize before hand if there any misconception since we are doing a second translation [Is not a translation from the original language]. I feel like can die and rest in peace now hahaha.

Well no more delay enjoy our release!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another release!

Hi everyone so yeah like the title say is another release. Im kind of surprise cuz is more early than i expected.
Our release this time is from our lovely newly wed couple Ms. and Mr. Irie's hahaha, so yep like you read from itazura.  Today i won't write long so in resume WE ARE RECRUITING TRANSLATOR.

We hope that you enjoy our release till next time
ch 45

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another release!


It's been awhile. Since we are almost like we started with short staff i will keep doing my best, and before we start any new manga our first priority would be finishing "Bara no tameni" just 3 volume till the end, "Soshite shuunpu ni sasayaite" 3 chapter till the end, "Hey class president" 36 chapter more to get update it with the chinese raws. That way we can keep focus in get more release of Takumi and Itazura na kiss.

Well it felt like was an eternity so no more delay today our release were the most waiting ch of Itazura
Please enjoy it.

Friday, June 6, 2014

About us!!

hello everyone!!

it's been a while, this short notice is to answer some comment for our fans. WE ARE STILL ALIVE. we really want to say sorry for our lateness since we are very short of staff at the moment and the few that are still active have summer school and work to do.

Also we are in the middle of working with "Itazura na kiss ch44-45".

Thanks a lot for been very supported people and for the good comments.

till next time fellows.