Monday, April 20, 2015

Doing some cleaning

hi everyone!!

it's been a while since im currently and almost alone in the group im doing my best to keep going. Just sharing that im currently cleaning ch 51-52 of bara no tameni.

if there is anyone that wish help with cleaning, translation or proofread don't be shy and write to

till next time fellows

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another release!!

Konnichi wa minna-san!!

it's been like almost two weeks since our last release, well i must say sometimes working with one title can be more easy than working with other one. First i must give some thanks to "Miki-chan and Oloore" since they help me with some missing translation and almost are the only translator current active with our priority project.

Well with no more delay another of our lovely manga bara no tameni, we are very near to end that project just 3 more volume to go.

Well enjoy our release till next time folks!
ch 50

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another Release!!

Hi everyone!!

I'm begui-chan, currently I'm almost the only member active in this small group, for different reason many of the member can't or simple lost interest in this. For now i will continue work with what i have and hopping new member can join me to finish some of our priority project like "Bara no tameni and Itazura na kiss".

For now i will share one of the chapter most wanted and of course with the second season of current in the air drama that is almost finishing in japan "Itazura na kiss". i hope everyone can enjoy, please remember to support their mangaka when the volume its available in your country.

well i will keep working with what i have, any fluent japanese/ english speaker would be more than welcome, cleaner and proofreader's too.

till next time fellows