Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where can i find Ink ch35-39?

Since many fans are asking the same question we decide group those 5 ch in one link. Why we don't add it in the current section? since those chapter were scanlate from a  licensed volume, we are trying to avoid any legal issue since those ch are already available to purchase. PLEASE SUPPORTED THE MANGAKA BUYING THEIR WORK WHEN ITS AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY.

This would be the last time we decide to share this link up so hurry up and pick your pieces. Also another tip we know there are some manga reader sites that u can find those ch to read only, that way u can do a right click and save as to you desktop that ways u can have those chapter. Of course is more slow and can make u tired but its just another tip.

well till next time folks enjoy the link Ink ch35-39

Monday, July 1, 2013

Where you can find the rest ch of Hcp?

Hi again!

Well to those fans that are wonder where can find the chapter 29-47 (till our release). I was checking the network and saw that many manga readers sites are trying to update themselves. But i will share some that i saw and those are: