Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another release!!

hi everyone!!!

First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING and HOLIDAYS!!!   EVERYONE. hope you can enjoy a lot and all with your beloved ones.

Like you hear yes another release, that's right another one. but this time is about a new manga that i was diying to start right away but was kind of hard find people that really enjoy it and would appreciate helping us with this. THANKS A LOT TO MY BELOVED STAFF...

With no more delay we are glad to bring TAKUMI-KUN SERIES, im not so sure how many of your already saw the 4 or 5 movies? i wish they could made an anime too hahaha. with this we start from V.04 since long ago others group worked till v03. you can find it in any manga browser at the network. in any case here is from mangafox link .

Also we are RECRUITING TRANSLATOR FOR THIS PROJECT japanese or korean.

well enjoy our release and happy holidays minna-san!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

recruiting Translator!!!

like the title said we are looking  KOREAN TRANSLATOR cuz we want to finish "soshite shunpuu ni sasayaite" just 3 chapter to go to finish that manga. If anyone have the japanese raws and could share it with us would be very appreciated.

till next time fellows

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally another release!!

Sashiburi minna-san

I really missed you a lot guys. After so long we came back and im kind of annoyed since i had to re-type again this chapter but since i love it so much was ok. xD Also i know this chapter many of you were almost dying waiting so long. i hope you can enjoy it a lot and can forgive me for the delay. With this we are glad to said that is the end of "BARA NO TAMENI V12" just 4 volume to go yeeeee!!! 

I must said that its not been to long since i started to re-arrange everything again. So i hope very soon we can release some of the chapter that we already had stocked.

Like always we are continue recruiting translator, anyone available that can understand japanese, korean would be more than welcome. 

well my friends till later since i finished this ch in 2 days and im very sleepy. jaa-ne


Saturday, November 2, 2013

laptop's back

hi people im really sorry for be absent this few weeks since my laptop were broken and because of that i already lose two chapter that were suppose to be release that day. The good thing is that WE ARE BACK!! hahaha yes like you hear we are back. So we hope between 2 week we can give you some of your awaiting chapters. till later folks!!