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After 5 wa kiss no ame

Synopsis: Enomoto is always reprimanded by his chief Tsuda. But when he stays late to finish work, Tsuda will sexually harass him.

Included one-shots:

- Christmas ni Naru Made Matte (Vol2). A story about one of Santa Claus' sons and a reindeer.

- Muko x Muko (Vol5): Misao and Eichi are the schools most popular idols. However, every morning they arrive at the same time and show their dislike for each other.

- Haru yo Koi (Spring Love, Vol6): Who can it be...? A chance meeting between Koharu and a mysterious window wiper, leads to his decision to abandon his post as the President of Ameya Product, just to be close to this man. But, will only this be enough for Koharu?

  • v01 and v02 ch1 were released by peccatore sanctuary.

Get you

Synopsis: For Anri, age 17, there can be only one--the popular singer SHIN. She'd risk her life to be transformed into a woman by him, and she'd sooner die than knowingly give her virginity to anyone else. After executing a few bold, attention-getting maneuvers, Anri gets what she :wants, and then runs off before the man wakes up again. ...BUT was the man really SHIN? Anri discovers that there are fake SHINs who try to get women like that, and one incriminating piece of evidence suggests that the man Anri gave her virginity to was not SHIN. Revenge is now a matter of pride, and she's going to make this man pay! But does Anri really have any idea who she's waging war against?

(source: shoujo magic)

  • v01-v05 were released by shoujo magic and ch 16-17 by operation boredom
  • This one were requested by one of the fans