Sunday, March 31, 2013


Good Evening everyone!

We hope that everyone enjoy this day, holy to some, bunny to others. Eat lot of sweet candies and have take time to reflect about your life and ur beloved ones. Like always thanks for support us and  we are very happy with ur comments.

Well till next time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Release!

Good afternoon Everyone!!

how do u feel today? we are kind of half dead xD.
today we are so glad and good worker that we bring a TRIPLE RELEASE of Bara no tameni!!!
that's right, like u can read a triple release. And with this release its a new beginning of v12. In this triple release we want to say thanks to Gusdk92 our angel korean translator we hope he can stay with us a long time. Also thanks to Sweetsense group and her awesome translator cuz u know this is a joint project and last but not less important our great cleaner Anerose.

Also another release of ur beloved manga Itazura na kiss, and with this we start v10. remember this copy would be up for 4 days. 
so grab ur copy fast before the link go to end.

Thanks to the people that support us and always send us many lovely comment. Also we are continue recruiting TRANSLATOR so if u think u can help please send us an inbox to begui142@gmailcom.

Till next time fellows now enjoy our release

Bntn: ch45ch46ch47
Ink ch37

Monday, March 25, 2013

We Are Not Dead!!! xD

Good evening everyone

its been a while, you must been worry and asking about when would be the next release! Are Drop3njoy scan dead or stop releasing? stuff like that....No, WE ARE NOT DEAD hahaha. Everything its moving kind of slow cuz some are busy with school and others are kind of sicks, but even bit by bit we are preparing some surprise, so stick to us a bit more.

Like always WE ARE RECRUITING and bit urgent we need TRANSLATOR can be jap/kor/chinese to english. If there are any YAOI TRANSLATOR that would be awesome cuz we have some manga waiting for ur love in been translate it. for more info please send us an email to Please share the voice we would appreciate it.

see u later