we are a new group, that mean we are short of staff. 

in every important crew is need it:

1.the translator cuz without them we can't understand the meaning of the manga we read. 

2.the editor cuz they are multipurpose, they clean, typesetter, redraw and more.

3.the cleaner always help the editor and of course his priority work its clean the raw, level, crop, resize and more.

4.the typesetter its the one with a lot of creativity that write the translation in the scan and give u a lot of emotion when u read it. they work with font, size, bubble, though, sfx and more.

5.the proofreader its the one that correct the wrong spelling on the translation cuz have a knowledge of the native language that its been translating.

6.the quality checker its like the director, he check everything before the chapter get release and he give the approval, then u will enjoy >w<.

RIGHT NOW we need japanese/korean/chinese to english TRANSLATOR.

To those that wish apply remember that we work with any kind of gender so you must be an open minded.

if there is anyone interest in be part of the crew please send me a email to

IMPORTANT: with all do respect if there its anyone that belong to another group but still want to help here, will be more than welcome. i will be very glad to had u here.