Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another release!!

hi everyone!!!

First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING and HOLIDAYS!!!   EVERYONE. hope you can enjoy a lot and all with your beloved ones.

Like you hear yes another release, that's right another one. but this time is about a new manga that i was diying to start right away but was kind of hard find people that really enjoy it and would appreciate helping us with this. THANKS A LOT TO MY BELOVED STAFF...

With no more delay we are glad to bring TAKUMI-KUN SERIES, im not so sure how many of your already saw the 4 or 5 movies? i wish they could made an anime too hahaha. with this we start from V.04 since long ago others group worked till v03. you can find it in any manga browser at the network. in any case here is from mangafox link .

Also we are RECRUITING TRANSLATOR FOR THIS PROJECT japanese or korean.

well enjoy our release and happy holidays minna-san!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

recruiting Translator!!!

like the title said we are looking  KOREAN TRANSLATOR cuz we want to finish "soshite shunpuu ni sasayaite" just 3 chapter to go to finish that manga. If anyone have the japanese raws and could share it with us would be very appreciated.

till next time fellows

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally another release!!

Sashiburi minna-san

I really missed you a lot guys. After so long we came back and im kind of annoyed since i had to re-type again this chapter but since i love it so much was ok. xD Also i know this chapter many of you were almost dying waiting so long. i hope you can enjoy it a lot and can forgive me for the delay. With this we are glad to said that is the end of "BARA NO TAMENI V12" just 4 volume to go yeeeee!!! 

I must said that its not been to long since i started to re-arrange everything again. So i hope very soon we can release some of the chapter that we already had stocked.

Like always we are continue recruiting translator, anyone available that can understand japanese, korean would be more than welcome. 

well my friends till later since i finished this ch in 2 days and im very sleepy. jaa-ne


Saturday, November 2, 2013

laptop's back

hi people im really sorry for be absent this few weeks since my laptop were broken and because of that i already lose two chapter that were suppose to be release that day. The good thing is that WE ARE BACK!! hahaha yes like you hear we are back. So we hope between 2 week we can give you some of your awaiting chapters. till later folks!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

laptops broken

Hi people Just to share that we are not dead and my laptop need some repairs so I hope that after Monday can be fixed. Since I had 2 ch to be release it and got stock because of that. Sincerely begui-chan

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another release!!

It's been a while everyone ^o^

i hope u been good, i am so sorry for our lateness in this release since my class started 2 weeks ago and many of our staff are missing in action hahahaha. But since im a bit tired and some of my homework are still waiting for me a will be to the point.

First we are like always looking for translator, im very thankful of each people that helped us in the past but u know that its more slow when we don't have a specific translator that can work till the end of the series still i must say THANK YOU....well with no more delay enjoy our release also this its the end of v11 yeeeeee!!! yep baby what u were waiting itazura na kiss xD.

enjoy it!!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another release!!

Good evening everyone ^o^

We know u were wondering about last month release, right? hahaha many of us are starting to be busy with school and college since summer break is over. Today we are very happy cuz this release its the end of the first manga that we took up and the reason that we create this group. Don't misunderstood we are active and still working with some of the project that u already know. Also i want to thanks each member that in one way or another make this project till the end; mio-chan, steph, nellie, neko8, anerose, kcis, ect.

We hope that u enjoyed this manga journey and had so much fun like we did till the end. Also probably after our release and the announcement of the end of this manga some will have any confuse since there are some site that sell this manga and said v06-08. Don't be anxious the truth is that some publisher took the prequel and this sequel to make only one whole story. Ai ore just have 5 volume nothing more, any doubt u can check

well no more delay enjoy our release, till next time >w<
Ao! v05 ch22
Ao! v05 ch23

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where can i find Ink ch35-39?

Since many fans are asking the same question we decide group those 5 ch in one link. Why we don't add it in the current section? since those chapter were scanlate from a  licensed volume, we are trying to avoid any legal issue since those ch are already available to purchase. PLEASE SUPPORTED THE MANGAKA BUYING THEIR WORK WHEN ITS AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY.

This would be the last time we decide to share this link up so hurry up and pick your pieces. Also another tip we know there are some manga reader sites that u can find those ch to read only, that way u can do a right click and save as to you desktop that ways u can have those chapter. Of course is more slow and can make u tired but its just another tip.

well till next time folks enjoy the link Ink ch35-39

Monday, July 1, 2013

Where you can find the rest ch of Hcp?

Hi again!

Well to those fans that are wonder where can find the chapter 29-47 (till our release). I was checking the network and saw that many manga readers sites are trying to update themselves. But i will share some that i saw and those are: 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another release

Hi everyone ^o^

it's been a while, with the rhythm of the music from pandora today we are glad in bring 2 double release. First from your favorite manga "Itazura na kiss", like always we are very happy and pleased with Miki F., our beloved translator that its very dedicate and hooked with this project and each staff member that made this release possible.

i wonder how many of you are hooked or start watching the new japan remake of itazura na kiss that have the same name added "love in tokyo"  cuz im one of those who is watching it xD.

Also we are glad to announce our new project. This project were worked by "Greed and Gluttony" and yes its been licensed by 801 media (or at least that what manga updates said). Since on the web were a Spanish scangroup working on it and released till ch45 in english and till ch66 in spanish in some manga reader places. We decide to asked their permission and their raws to work on it. Thanks to "Alicia-Clampfanatica" for the opportunity. And with this new start our new chinese translator "Meronpansuki" that is helping us with ch 67-78. So yes fellows we hope we can made till the updates soon.

Like always if in a near future we have any problem with those licensed project we would stop it or made other arrangement. So please always support those mangaka that work so hard in create those awesome characters.

Well with no more delays enjoy our release and be very thankful to each member of Drop3njoy scan that made those release possible.
till next time >o<

ink ch40
ink ch41
hcp ch46
hcp ch47

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another release!

Good evening everyone!

its been a while since our last release, actually we were planing do our release before the end of may but we couldn't finish one of the chapter and till now we are still behind xD we decide to share the chapter that many of you were waiting for so long. I must say we are very near to the end of that awesome manga. What we are talking about...Ai ore! yes, we are glad to bring 2 chapter and 1 extra and with this we want to say thanks a lot "Steph~~" our chinese translator that gave her time and initiative in helping finishing more faster this great manga. We hope she can stay with us longer but let see what the future prepare for us. Also the extra were found in a russian scan group blog we didn't asked the permission so we would share it for 4 days.

Like always we are recruiting JAPANESE/KOR/CH-EN translator, so any interested please send us an email to

Last but not less important one of our translator is today birthday CONGRATULATION MIO-CHAN!! we hope have another year of bless, happiness, and healthy. Also we want to thanks naomi-san from sweet yaoi and joselin from whitelies fansub, that in a way or another asked our permission to retranslate some of our project in spanish. we really appreciated guys. to the fans thanks a lot for ur great and courage comment.

well no more delay enjoy our release
Ao! Xtra
Ao! ch20
Ao! ch21

Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Release!!

Good evening everyone!!

I don't know why but we had this habit of get some release at the end of each month hahaha. There is  lot of thing going some good some not so. Well we were planning surprise everyone with a triple release but for some circumstances we couldn't but to repair that we are glad to bring a new manga in our list and that is "Soshite shunpuu ni sasayaite" by Gotou Shinobu,  yes for your beloved Takumi-kun series this its the prequel also can be count like the one based of the first movie i guess.

We don't plan in ruin everyone's happiness but we are looking KOREAN TRANSLATOR to continue that manga. Yeah, yeah we know what you are thinking "why started a new manga if the translator were going to run" i guess that happen all the time but we decide give an opportunity to this one, who knows thanks to you people is why the scanlation group were created, don't you think? hahaha so we hope you can continue sharing the voice, every place in any ways.

Also last but not less import we bring to you a double release of your beloved manga Itazura na kiss and yes the moment that everyone its waiting finally its here.... ^o^ and with this we end one volume and start another  that its also another last volume hahaha how confuse, right? Ai ore finally its here...

Well we hope each one enjoy our release, remember Ink would be up for ONLY 4 DAYS so hurry up and grasp your piece.

till next time fellows >o<

Ssns ch1
Ao! v05 ch19
Ink v10 ch38
Ink v10 ch39

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Good Evening everyone!

We hope that everyone enjoy this day, holy to some, bunny to others. Eat lot of sweet candies and have take time to reflect about your life and ur beloved ones. Like always thanks for support us and  we are very happy with ur comments.

Well till next time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Release!

Good afternoon Everyone!!

how do u feel today? we are kind of half dead xD.
today we are so glad and good worker that we bring a TRIPLE RELEASE of Bara no tameni!!!
that's right, like u can read a triple release. And with this release its a new beginning of v12. In this triple release we want to say thanks to Gusdk92 our angel korean translator we hope he can stay with us a long time. Also thanks to Sweetsense group and her awesome translator cuz u know this is a joint project and last but not less important our great cleaner Anerose.

Also another release of ur beloved manga Itazura na kiss, and with this we start v10. remember this copy would be up for 4 days. 
so grab ur copy fast before the link go to end.

Thanks to the people that support us and always send us many lovely comment. Also we are continue recruiting TRANSLATOR so if u think u can help please send us an inbox to begui142@gmailcom.

Till next time fellows now enjoy our release

Bntn: ch45ch46ch47
Ink ch37

Monday, March 25, 2013

We Are Not Dead!!! xD

Good evening everyone

its been a while, you must been worry and asking about when would be the next release! Are Drop3njoy scan dead or stop releasing? stuff like that....No, WE ARE NOT DEAD hahaha. Everything its moving kind of slow cuz some are busy with school and others are kind of sicks, but even bit by bit we are preparing some surprise, so stick to us a bit more.

Like always WE ARE RECRUITING and bit urgent we need TRANSLATOR can be jap/kor/chinese to english. If there are any YAOI TRANSLATOR that would be awesome cuz we have some manga waiting for ur love in been translate it. for more info please send us an email to Please share the voice we would appreciate it.

see u later

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Release!!

Good afternoon everyone ^o^

We are so happy and the same time almost dead with a lot stuff we did this last weekend xD but we are fine. There is so much stuff to say. First we are glad to bring a double release of Ai ore! and with this its the end of v04 and yes finally the last volume coming soon yupiii. Second we are proud in bring another release of itazura na kiss and with this we start the beginning of v10, so we are still in the middle of the race "GANBARE MINNA". like last release this one would be up for 4 DAYS so grab ur copy fast cuz after that the link would be death so do not ask after that.

Also we are glad to share that the new year we got 2 new translator that are helping us temporary. We hope they stay with us as much longer that they can, but still like always we continue recruiting japanese translator.

Also im not sure how many of u had the opportunity in watch the live action of AI ORE! that was released last year. Thanks to "Cosmo Subs" they share it in Dailymotion. I didnt asked permission to share it but if u watched please tell them ur thanks.

well with no more delay enjoy our release see u next time....
Ao! v04 ch17
Ao! v04 ch18
Ink v10 ch36

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our first Anniversary

Hello Everyone!!

it's been a while i hope u been good. First its late but better than never "HAPPY VALENTINE DAY'S"
we hope many of u ate a lot of chocolate and many could share some good feelings and love. We are not dead xD we just very busy with school and works but soon we would share another release.

We are very happy since our debut its a miracle we came to our first ANNIVERSARY. im so happy to all the people and fans that let us came to the place we are today thank you so much for each support and nice comment. To the staff that in one way or another pass and help us in our road we want to say "THANK YOU", Even when is bit by bit but we promise to finish that is our goal.

well see u in our next release guys  bye bye ^o^

Friday, January 11, 2013

Another release!

Good evening everyone ^o^

Another release of a manga that everyone waited for almost half a year BARA NO TAMENI...xD
with this we end another volume. Next v12 yupiiiii.

thanks to the sweetsense group and our staff to brought this. please let them know how much u appreciated cuz many of them do their best. Well im almost death typesetting this and i want an ice cream to refresh myself.

well no more delay enjoy it: bntn ch44
p.s. we decide let itazura na kiss ch 35 link alive till sunday so hurry up and grap ur chapter.

till next time folks

Monday, January 7, 2013

Another release!

Happy new year fellows ^o^

After so long we are happy to bring a double released...Did santa gave u some gifts cuz he forgot to pass by my home xD.

Well in another note thanks like always to our staff, mio-chan, nellie, anerose, kcis & jrvd, matthew, etc. We hope this year will be better and awesome than the last one.

Important news related about itazura na kiss. We received some scan that belong to the license manga so we decide  SHARE IT  for 4 DAYS ONLY after that do not ask for the links again. So hurry up and grab ur piece.

see ya in the next post.

Ao! ch16
Ink ch35