Monday, December 24, 2012


From Drop3njoy Scan we want to wish u a MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

We made a santa letter asking for more translator cuz this year we were good kids and some cookies with milk will be waiting for santa xD.

We hope each one can enjoy this holiday season and have fun with everyone. God bless u.

see u soon in our next release!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another release!!

Good afternoon everyone!

After so long time of low releasing and much work and school we are happy to bring double release of Ai ore!. Thanks to the member that work hard in this project.

Also we are in a urgent recruiting  TRANSLATOR jap/ch/kor-english. Any interested please pm back to

Last but not less HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY everyone!!! ^o^

well with no more delay enjoy it:

Ao v04 ch14
Ao v04 ch15

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Late or sooner the news always are good, i hope everyone enjoy Halloween and next weeks have fun and eat a lot of turkey. Happy thanksgiving before hand we are working even when we are short hahaha.

Well see u soon in our next release.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another release!

Good afternoon everyone ^o^

It's been a while. Today we are proud to bring a double release of  "├»tazura na kiss". We want to give our thanks to the different people who work very hard and diligent in those chapters. To the group of Kcis & Jrvd, Aneeta and Lisa C. thanks a lot guys.

Also let me remind that we are still looking for TRANSLATOR, please share the announcement. We really need an extra hand with our raws if anyone is interested please pm to It doesn't matter if u belong to another group or don't have any experience in working with scangroup.

Well no more further delay enjoy itazura na kiss. See u next time >o<

ink ch33
ink ch34

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

another release!

Hi everyone ^o^

It's been awhile, right? we got some news to share. today we are happy to brought double release to our favorite manga "Ai ore!" yes! like u hear double release, and with this its the end of v03. this is a great moment to bring it specially cuz this saturday in japan will be the release of the live action by the same name, yupiiiii!. Also this release and probably the next ones will be do it without a proofreader. Our proofreader are kind of lost and having war with their pc (wow so epic hahaha).

Well saying that we always try to let new people helping us, but right now we hope that anyone interested in helping with editor or proofreader or cleaner had experienced cuz many of us are busy with school and work and is kind of hard to teach right now. Also we are looking translator specialty chinese to english cuz we want work with some chapter and some page of the manga Ze by yuki shimizu that were left behind. Of course jap/eng are always welcome too.

If there are yaoi fans, fujoshi fans, people that enjoy BL, we are planing in work with some manga like:
  • after 5 wa kiss no ame
  • takumi-kun series
  • Ze
  • boku no suki na sensei
some of those manga were left behind and because the story and characters are so good we want to finished, but we need translator willing to help us. is ok if u belong to another group we just want a hand on those project. If anyone is interested just pm to

well no more delay enjoy ai ore!... see you next time.

ao ch12
ao ch13

Sunday, August 12, 2012

recruitment open temporary

good afternoon everyone ^o^

we are not dead hahahaha. we are just a bit behind with some stuff, but good for u we open again or recruitment this time temporary.

we are looking for some proofreader that can help us temporary (with 2 or 4 ch). Remember the proofreader must be a native english speaker, must correct and check the spelling in each sentences of the script. we hope that the people who apply have a bit time and can do it in a period of 2-3 weeks. If u have experience that would be awesome too.

And like always japanese/chinese/korean to english translator are always welcome.

please pm at any more info go to our recruitment section.

we are drop3njoy scan bringing u with some of the nice and great dropped manga.

see u later >o<

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

another release!

Good evening everyone ^o^

today we are happy to bring another release this time from "bara no tameni".

i hope many of u enjoyed summer time before a new term of school start soon. Like always thanks for the support and comments. we appreciated

Please remember to pass by sweetsense scan blog to say ur thanks cuz this is a collaboration project and congrant to the new mom sweetsense staff.

well enjoy a new chapter  bntn v11 ch 43

see you next time ja nee >o<

Saturday, June 23, 2012

another release!

hi everyone ^o^

it's been a while hahaha. after so long and many circumstance we are proud to brought to u, ur most waiting release AI ORE! and because where i live today my country is celebrate "san juan night" were many people go to the beach etc. something similar like 4 july hahaha. and because of that is DOUBLE RELEASE.

Also a have an important news for everyone, today we add a new rules and is that any licenses title that we are or wasn't worked will be put down from our data share in 7 days after been release. Just the licenses ones. So do not forget to grab ur chapter now and share it hahaha.

well im short in time, but thanks to our hardworking staff to bring this out.

see you next time!

Ao! v03 ch10
Ao! v03 ch11

Friday, June 1, 2012

new release

Hi everyone ^o^

Did u miss us? of course we did hahaha.

Today we are very happy to announce our first joint release with Sweetsense scan. So how many out there is fans with "bara no tameni". I must say i am one of those xD.

I hope that you can also pass to their blog to say thank you.

More goodies, today also our beloved translator mio-chan is another year blessed so behalf from drop3njoy scan team we want to tell u "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIO-CHAN, thanks for been born to this world"  yeeeeeee!!!

well finally but not less important, thanks to the people that send some application we are very happy to have u in our team, we hope with your help we can continue releasing more from our favorite title.

"now begui-chan, we want our chapter" hahahah

enjoy bara no tameni

see you later >o<

Saturday, May 19, 2012

About our new email

Hi everyone <(^o^)>

We just want to say that we are very sorry for our late replay. Many of you send us some applications, comment, etc. We are very sorry cuz the email by gmail is new and because of that i was continue using the old one and forgot that we got a new one.

So to all the people that write us an email, please check your emails cuz we answered all. Thanks again for your support and always follow us.

see you again

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another release!

Hi everyone ^o^

Many of you must thought that we were dead, but for your surprise we are not.  Right now we got a lot of things in our hands: school, work, some new staff, some resign, etc. But we still continue doing the things that we love.

Please  say thanks to mio-chan, she's our hard worker wonder woman translator, also with this release i want to introduce one of the new staff our new proofreader  and cleaner on training (im just kidding) yukihiro. please let him feel welcome.

Also we got some news to share the last announcement is still open, we need at least another translator to help, if anyone is interest just pass by the recruitment section there u will see my email. second, we hope on the near future working a joint with sweetsense on one of their project. Which one?..... is a secret, hahaha. Also to our future translator (when we got it) we hope can be someone with open mind cuz some of our project are shounen ai, shoujo, yaoi, ect.

To the fans sorry if not always we answered right a way, but we always read ur comments, thanks for the support. we change some link from itazura na kiss cuz we got problem with the server were we upload it.

well that's all for now take care everyone enjoy our release! >o<

itazura na kiss ch32

Friday, March 9, 2012

recruitment opened

Hi everyone sure it's feel that is been long ^o^

Right now we are opening the recruitment to those CLEANER or EDITOR interesting in helping us. If you had a littler experience that would be awesome too. we really need an extra hand, right now we need at least 2 more people.

We recommend to those applicant to have in mind:
  • free time
  • at least 2 to 3 week in finish 1 ch
  • check your email regular
  • at least have a bit of experience or knowledge in scanlation
That last one is not indispensable but we save a bit of time in teaching. those interested send me an email

To remind everyone we are still working with:
  • Ai ore! v03 ch10 soon
  • Itazura na kiss v09 ch32 soon
 If there are fans that love yaoi, we are also looking for jap/korean to english translator to work with:
  • Takumi-kun series by gotou shinobu
  • After 5 wa kiss no ame by kamo nabako
Well see you later everyone >o<

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ai ore ch08 2v

well like the title say this is just a 2nd version to all the fans that couldn't understand the first release of this chapter.

we hope this time everyone can enjoy it. please say thanks to mio-chan cuz this time she really did a great effort in proofread it and typesetting in just than few days.

well see you later everyone ^o^

ai ore v02 ch08 2v

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another release!

Hi again everyone ^o^

i know many of you must be thinking that we are faster than superman xD, but don't  get your hope to high. The truth is that some are still in break from school and other just have many free time, so in short don't expect our next release be very faster than now (hahahaha). Please say thanks to our hard worker mio-chan and begui-chan to bring this.

Also i want to say something important. We know that many people are concern about the last release of ai ore and about the crappy poor translation that we did. We got hurt to heard that cuz even is the truth but we did our best effort to do it.

i want to clarified that ch08-10 were found in spanish raw and we got  one of the staff that were familiar with that language and we recently got ch11-23 original in japanese, also we got a new proofreader and mio-chan that is also our japanese translator will be helping too. please bear with us till we get to ch11. 

With this release we end volume 2, our next release we will bringing a new volume, so wait with a lot of excitement. well thanks again to all the fans that are supporting us and for those that are still sending application to help. Well my friends with no more delay please enjoy our next release.

ai ore v02 ch09

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another release!

Good afternoon everyone ^o^ it's been a while

Today  we brought you a new release and some good news. First let's say thanks to our translator mio-chan cuz without her our project would be stuck. Second we got 3 new staff, that's right, right now they are working hard to bring a bit faster some of our release. They are newbie's in this world of scanlation but they are trying their best so soon we hope you can also enjoy their release.

Finally but not less important our release itazura na kiss ch 31, with this it's the end of volume 8 and the beginning of a new one >o<

Well everyone enjoy what's left of the weekend see you on the next post ^o^

Release: itazura na kiss v08 ch 31

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good evening everyone ^o^

we are very happy to feel all the support about us. we want to say "THANK YOU for all your comment we really  appreciated.

Second, thanks to all the people that send an application in be a part to this group and try to continue bringing more goodies *w*

Right now we are evaluating and replying those email, when they get acceptances they will be announces. so please share a bit of those support too to them.

Also we got a new follower *o*  welcome to our blog >o<

Finally but not less important, for now we CLOSED the application in editor and cleaner position. Like many group we are still looking for translator. Any interested please pass to recruitment section.

well this is for now see you soon ^o^

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another release!

hi everyone ^o^

today we have the pleasure to bring a manga that were left behind in the shadows and is oficially publishing by viz media, Ai ore! manga by mayu shinjo. I must say this is one of the group favorite and we hope for you too. Specially now, that apparently will be a live action of this gender bender manga.

For those new here can find our release and some info about the manga in the new section (current).

Also we are looking for 1 or 2 more people who want help us with the project that we have. right now we are working with:
  • itazura na kiss
  • ai ore!
we plan on work with:
  • takumi-kun series
  • after 5 ame no kiss
Both are shounen-ai to yaoi

People interested please go to the section (recruitment/info) there you will find everything you need to know. well with no more delay enjoy.

Ai ore v2 08:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

our first release

We are very happy to share our first release and with the help of god, we hope this will bring more goodies. I hope everyone can enjoy it, like we did. Our next release will be Ai ore v02 ch08 by mayu shinjo. when will be? very soon.

please don't forget to say thanks to our wonderful translator mio-chan.

Important: DMP is publishing this, so remember please support the mangaka buying the original copy when its available in your country.

with no more delay.

Itazura na kiss v08 ch 30

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nice beginning 2012

hi every one ^o^

its been a while and this month came with a lot of good and bad news.

on the network world its started a war with US government, Anonimous and all the user on the web. its very sadly that megaupload were shut down. i hope sopa law never been approve cuz we will be fucked.

the new good is that we have a new member on this group, welcome mio-chan ^o^ please gave her a warm hug :p that she can feel that she is welcome on this new family. im very happy that some project are starting on track and very soon we can come with our first release. i hope u been a bit of anxious like us. (cruel of me xD)


likes i said before our project were pick up in loneliness, waiting for someone who could saw them in the faraway land. some of this project are been publishing, remember, please support the mangaka, brought the original copy when the manga its release in your country. our group do not own or created this work. we just translate this raws to give the pleasure to the fan to enjoy the great work from the original mangaka.