Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Release!!

Good evening everyone!!

I don't know why but we had this habit of get some release at the end of each month hahaha. There is  lot of thing going some good some not so. Well we were planning surprise everyone with a triple release but for some circumstances we couldn't but to repair that we are glad to bring a new manga in our list and that is "Soshite shunpuu ni sasayaite" by Gotou Shinobu,  yes for your beloved Takumi-kun series this its the prequel also can be count like the one based of the first movie i guess.

We don't plan in ruin everyone's happiness but we are looking KOREAN TRANSLATOR to continue that manga. Yeah, yeah we know what you are thinking "why started a new manga if the translator were going to run" i guess that happen all the time but we decide give an opportunity to this one, who knows thanks to you people is why the scanlation group were created, don't you think? hahaha so we hope you can continue sharing the voice, every place in any ways.

Also last but not less import we bring to you a double release of your beloved manga Itazura na kiss and yes the moment that everyone its waiting finally its here.... ^o^ and with this we end one volume and start another  that its also another last volume hahaha how confuse, right? Ai ore finally its here...

Well we hope each one enjoy our release, remember Ink would be up for ONLY 4 DAYS so hurry up and grasp your piece.

till next time fellows >o<

Ssns ch1
Ao! v05 ch19
Ink v10 ch38
Ink v10 ch39