Friday, November 25, 2011

updating the blog bit by bit

hi everyone
this its my first own group also blog, so u can see im still working on  it. i have some project that im planning on work on it, with the help of some friend, sure i can called like that cuz we share the same passion, "manga". i hope with this new beginning i can be like many group that still keep going after the time.

i made and hope keep making new friends around the word....well stopping with the sentimentalism xD
i hope everyone can enjoy this and soon the release will start to share.

this group i want to dedicated to those dropped manga that were left loveless in somewhere on this planet and those fan that were left hanged in the cliff moment and no ones already remembered.

changing the topic...
well i hope everyone enjoyned thanksgiving day, eat a lot of turkey, share with the family and god blessed all.

see you soon

im recruiting to continue some dropped manga

im recruiting translator japanase/korean to english. some dropped project that i want to continue are:
.itazura na kiss (shoujo, by tada kaoru)
.takumi-kun serie (yaoi, by gotou shinobu)
.ai ore (gender bender, by mayu shinjo)
.after 5 wa kiss no ame (yaoi, by kamo nabako)

if there are anyone interested please send me a messege, my email its it doesn't matter if u belong to another group with all the respect, if u liked this awsome manga that for some reason were left behind. lets help each other to made fan like us enjoy it till the end.
i will welcome u.