Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another release

Hi everyone ^o^

it's been a while, with the rhythm of the music from pandora today we are glad in bring 2 double release. First from your favorite manga "Itazura na kiss", like always we are very happy and pleased with Miki F., our beloved translator that its very dedicate and hooked with this project and each staff member that made this release possible.

i wonder how many of you are hooked or start watching the new japan remake of itazura na kiss that have the same name added "love in tokyo"  cuz im one of those who is watching it xD.

Also we are glad to announce our new project. This project were worked by "Greed and Gluttony" and yes its been licensed by 801 media (or at least that what manga updates said). Since on the web were a Spanish scangroup working on it and released till ch45 in english and till ch66 in spanish in some manga reader places. We decide to asked their permission and their raws to work on it. Thanks to "Alicia-Clampfanatica" for the opportunity. And with this new start our new chinese translator "Meronpansuki" that is helping us with ch 67-78. So yes fellows we hope we can made till the updates soon.

Like always if in a near future we have any problem with those licensed project we would stop it or made other arrangement. So please always support those mangaka that work so hard in create those awesome characters.

Well with no more delays enjoy our release and be very thankful to each member of Drop3njoy scan that made those release possible.
till next time >o<

ink ch40
ink ch41
hcp ch46
hcp ch47

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another release!

Good evening everyone!

its been a while since our last release, actually we were planing do our release before the end of may but we couldn't finish one of the chapter and till now we are still behind xD we decide to share the chapter that many of you were waiting for so long. I must say we are very near to the end of that awesome manga. What we are talking about...Ai ore! yes, we are glad to bring 2 chapter and 1 extra and with this we want to say thanks a lot "Steph~~" our chinese translator that gave her time and initiative in helping finishing more faster this great manga. We hope she can stay with us longer but let see what the future prepare for us. Also the extra were found in a russian scan group blog we didn't asked the permission so we would share it for 4 days.

Like always we are recruiting JAPANESE/KOR/CH-EN translator, so any interested please send us an email to

Last but not less important one of our translator is today birthday CONGRATULATION MIO-CHAN!! we hope have another year of bless, happiness, and healthy. Also we want to thanks naomi-san from sweet yaoi and joselin from whitelies fansub, that in a way or another asked our permission to retranslate some of our project in spanish. we really appreciated guys. to the fans thanks a lot for ur great and courage comment.

well no more delay enjoy our release
Ao! Xtra
Ao! ch20
Ao! ch21