Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ai ore ch08 2v

well like the title say this is just a 2nd version to all the fans that couldn't understand the first release of this chapter.

we hope this time everyone can enjoy it. please say thanks to mio-chan cuz this time she really did a great effort in proofread it and typesetting in just than few days.

well see you later everyone ^o^

ai ore v02 ch08 2v

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another release!

Hi again everyone ^o^

i know many of you must be thinking that we are faster than superman xD, but don't  get your hope to high. The truth is that some are still in break from school and other just have many free time, so in short don't expect our next release be very faster than now (hahahaha). Please say thanks to our hard worker mio-chan and begui-chan to bring this.

Also i want to say something important. We know that many people are concern about the last release of ai ore and about the crappy poor translation that we did. We got hurt to heard that cuz even is the truth but we did our best effort to do it.

i want to clarified that ch08-10 were found in spanish raw and we got  one of the staff that were familiar with that language and we recently got ch11-23 original in japanese, also we got a new proofreader and mio-chan that is also our japanese translator will be helping too. please bear with us till we get to ch11. 

With this release we end volume 2, our next release we will bringing a new volume, so wait with a lot of excitement. well thanks again to all the fans that are supporting us and for those that are still sending application to help. Well my friends with no more delay please enjoy our next release.

ai ore v02 ch09

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another release!

Good afternoon everyone ^o^ it's been a while

Today  we brought you a new release and some good news. First let's say thanks to our translator mio-chan cuz without her our project would be stuck. Second we got 3 new staff, that's right, right now they are working hard to bring a bit faster some of our release. They are newbie's in this world of scanlation but they are trying their best so soon we hope you can also enjoy their release.

Finally but not less important our release itazura na kiss ch 31, with this it's the end of volume 8 and the beginning of a new one >o<

Well everyone enjoy what's left of the weekend see you on the next post ^o^

Release: itazura na kiss v08 ch 31

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good evening everyone ^o^

we are very happy to feel all the support about us. we want to say "THANK YOU for all your comment we really  appreciated.

Second, thanks to all the people that send an application in be a part to this group and try to continue bringing more goodies *w*

Right now we are evaluating and replying those email, when they get acceptances they will be announces. so please share a bit of those support too to them.

Also we got a new follower *o*  welcome to our blog >o<

Finally but not less important, for now we CLOSED the application in editor and cleaner position. Like many group we are still looking for translator. Any interested please pass to recruitment section.

well this is for now see you soon ^o^