Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another release!!

Good evening everyone ^o^

We know u were wondering about last month release, right? hahaha many of us are starting to be busy with school and college since summer break is over. Today we are very happy cuz this release its the end of the first manga that we took up and the reason that we create this group. Don't misunderstood we are active and still working with some of the project that u already know. Also i want to thanks each member that in one way or another make this project till the end; mio-chan, steph, nellie, neko8, anerose, kcis, ect.

We hope that u enjoyed this manga journey and had so much fun like we did till the end. Also probably after our release and the announcement of the end of this manga some will have any confuse since there are some site that sell this manga and said v06-08. Don't be anxious the truth is that some publisher took the prequel and this sequel to make only one whole story. Ai ore just have 5 volume nothing more, any doubt u can check

well no more delay enjoy our release, till next time >w<
Ao! v05 ch22
Ao! v05 ch23