Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another release!

Good afternoon everyone ^o^

It's been a while. Today we are proud to bring a double release of  "ïtazura na kiss". We want to give our thanks to the different people who work very hard and diligent in those chapters. To the group of Kcis & Jrvd, Aneeta and Lisa C. thanks a lot guys.

Also let me remind that we are still looking for TRANSLATOR, please share the announcement. We really need an extra hand with our raws if anyone is interested please pm to It doesn't matter if u belong to another group or don't have any experience in working with scangroup.

Well no more further delay enjoy itazura na kiss. See u next time >o<

ink ch33
ink ch34


  1. Thanks so much for all your work on this release. I've been missing this manga!

  2. Thanks a ton for the release!! I have been looking forward to reading the continuation of this manga for so long... :D

  3. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! I missed reading this manga and you guys brought it back!!
    I'm really grateful to you guys for your hardwork ^_^

  4. thanks for the comments guys, u are welcome >o<

  5. Thank you so much for bringing INK series back! I'm really happy to be able to read it again! o/