Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Release!!

Good afternoon everyone ^o^

We are so happy and the same time almost dead with a lot stuff we did this last weekend xD but we are fine. There is so much stuff to say. First we are glad to bring a double release of Ai ore! and with this its the end of v04 and yes finally the last volume coming soon yupiii. Second we are proud in bring another release of itazura na kiss and with this we start the beginning of v10, so we are still in the middle of the race "GANBARE MINNA". like last release this one would be up for 4 DAYS so grab ur copy fast cuz after that the link would be death so do not ask after that.

Also we are glad to share that the new year we got 2 new translator that are helping us temporary. We hope they stay with us as much longer that they can, but still like always we continue recruiting japanese translator.

Also im not sure how many of u had the opportunity in watch the live action of AI ORE! that was released last year. Thanks to "Cosmo Subs" they share it in Dailymotion. I didnt asked permission to share it but if u watched please tell them ur thanks.


well with no more delay enjoy our release see u next time....
Ao! v04 ch17
Ao! v04 ch18
Ink v10 ch36


  1. Thank you for all of your hard work and for a triple release! Its late but Happy Anniversary! I hope you all can recover from your busy weekend and find some time to relax.

  2. Thank you one more time!!! =D

  3. thank you for ai ore!

  4. Thank you for continuing InK!! Has the link to InK ch35 been removed?

    1. Yes. Cuz the chapter are original from the licensed version. We share it for a limited time... but if u didn't read it yet u can still find it in some manga reader place like mangafox etc.

  5. Thanks for the new releases and most especially for all your hard work. Thanks also for the link to the Ai Ore movie, which I just finished watching. :)

  6. Thanks a bunch for the release especially Itazura na Kiss!!