Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally another release!!

Sashiburi minna-san

I really missed you a lot guys. After so long we came back and im kind of annoyed since i had to re-type again this chapter but since i love it so much was ok. xD Also i know this chapter many of you were almost dying waiting so long. i hope you can enjoy it a lot and can forgive me for the delay. With this we are glad to said that is the end of "BARA NO TAMENI V12" just 4 volume to go yeeeee!!! 

I must said that its not been to long since i started to re-arrange everything again. So i hope very soon we can release some of the chapter that we already had stocked.

Like always we are continue recruiting translator, anyone available that can understand japanese, korean would be more than welcome. 

well my friends till later since i finished this ch in 2 days and im very sleepy. jaa-ne



  1. Hurrah! Bara no Tame Ni is the manga I think about most between releases, worrying at it now and then like a loose tooth, wondering if it will continue. I am so happy to see a new chapter! Many thanks.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the release.

  3. purple library i know its kind of hard but like "Ai ore!" Bara no tameni is our second beloved manga that we would continue working till the end. of course sometimes can be hard since we are short from translator and also thanks to "Sweetsense group" we receive the translation so that why can be more slowly than others series. remember this is a hobby so sometimes not all the translator can dedicate all his time to this. still we hope can be finished soon

  4. I'm so thankful for it! Really, I think I can die for happiness right now! But I am not going to do it because I really need to know what will happen with Sumire,Yuri and Aoi lol
    Sorry for being so annoying, but I really thought that it would be dropped again. However, now I'm more calm and very happy to know that is a beloved manga to you all (though it is not difficult to fall in love with it <3)
    Again, thank you very much!
    Otsukaresama deshita ^o^

    1. thank you very much!! sometimes can be hard since it's difficult to find many trans;ator but with the short staff that we have we try to do our best!

  5. Hello! I'm also really happy that you guys are still strong on translating Bara no Tameni. Thaaaank you so much! It's hard to find people that are so committed like this ^-^
    I will look forward to follow and cheer for your hard work!
    Bye. I hope you all have a really nice week o/

  6. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!! :)