Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anothe release!!

Hi everyone~!!

im so sorry for our delay  release felt like an eternity,  i know there are many scan group like us very short staff but still we trying to keep going. We are in URGENT NEED TRANSLATOR JAPANESE>ENGLISH. anyone interested pm us or send us an email to begui142@gmail.com.

In another note our release today is part of the great manga "Itazura na kiss" sad to say it was suppose to be release it a long time ago since this omake [extra] was part of the first volume...yep like u heard from volume 1 still is very enjoyable and i hope everyone can enjoy it too.

well till next time fellow. enjoy our release.
ink v01 omake


  1. Aww, now I'm crazy disappointed that it's not in the official English releases since it's so cute.

    1. i know that happens sometimes with some mangas too

  2. thank you for this omake/ Extra Story ^^

  3. hii, i was wondering when the next itazura na kiss chapter would be released