Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another release!

Hi everyone ^o^

Many of you must thought that we were dead, but for your surprise we are not.  Right now we got a lot of things in our hands: school, work, some new staff, some resign, etc. But we still continue doing the things that we love.

Please  say thanks to mio-chan, she's our hard worker wonder woman translator, also with this release i want to introduce one of the new staff our new proofreader  and cleaner on training (im just kidding) yukihiro. please let him feel welcome.

Also we got some news to share the last announcement is still open, we need at least another translator to help, if anyone is interest just pass by the recruitment section there u will see my email. second, we hope on the near future working a joint with sweetsense on one of their project. Which one?..... is a secret, hahaha. Also to our future translator (when we got it) we hope can be someone with open mind cuz some of our project are shounen ai, shoujo, yaoi, ect.

To the fans sorry if not always we answered right a way, but we always read ur comments, thanks for the support. we change some link from itazura na kiss cuz we got problem with the server were we upload it.

well that's all for now take care everyone enjoy our release! >o<

itazura na kiss ch32


  1. Thank you very much for putting your time and hard work into making your readers happy :D I've been waiting for InK for a long time <3

  2. Thank so much for this release!

  3. Whooo hooo. Can't wait to read this. Many thanks to Mio chan and Yukihiro and everyone else who had a hand in this great series.

  4. Thanks a bunch for the release! And big thanks to mio-chan and welcome Yukihiro. Now the family is getting bigger :3

  5. welcome back
    I'm happy.
    Itazura na Kiss is ongoing. :3

  6. Thanks for the itazura na kiss release...

    Ganbatte Minna!!