Friday, March 9, 2012

recruitment opened

Hi everyone sure it's feel that is been long ^o^

Right now we are opening the recruitment to those CLEANER or EDITOR interesting in helping us. If you had a littler experience that would be awesome too. we really need an extra hand, right now we need at least 2 more people.

We recommend to those applicant to have in mind:
  • free time
  • at least 2 to 3 week in finish 1 ch
  • check your email regular
  • at least have a bit of experience or knowledge in scanlation
That last one is not indispensable but we save a bit of time in teaching. those interested send me an email

To remind everyone we are still working with:
  • Ai ore! v03 ch10 soon
  • Itazura na kiss v09 ch32 soon
 If there are fans that love yaoi, we are also looking for jap/korean to english translator to work with:
  • Takumi-kun series by gotou shinobu
  • After 5 wa kiss no ame by kamo nabako
Well see you later everyone >o<


  1. hey :) I would like to apply as a cleaner. :D I like to help you with the releases especially Ai Ore ;D I sent you an email :D

    1. sure that would be awesome, if u have a littler of experience that would be more better but not necessarily. we will waiting for ur email

    2. I already sent an email to :)

  2. just pass by to say thanks for your work on "Ai Ore". I work before in a french scantrad team and don't know how to communicate well with US team so I will restrain from trying this experience xD
    Good luck for your recruitment and wish you a good continuation ! \o/

    1. thanks a lot not always is easy but we try our best ^o^

  3. I would also like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for picking up Itazura na kiss. I've been waiting years for this manga to be picked up again. It's a masterpiece that no one acknowledges. Your work is highly appreciated as there still are devoted fans to this manga!!!

    1. i know am a fan as well "begui-chan" is a bit hard cuz now is been published in english officially. for now we will continue but wont would be a priority.