Sunday, February 16, 2014

About our last release...

first thanks to all the fan for the good and warming comments, we really appreciated.

second there are some misunderstood about the last extra that we release, cuz many of you think that we didn't translate it, the true is that we translate all the dialogue [cuz of course is and was very important] but we left some of the SFX [sound effect] without translation [ means in spanish] like


still we do our best to translate almost everything since was hard find some spanish translator to english. Also since we are did a re-translation probably some meaning could change it since there exist different meanings and words in spanish. Some example are the spanish from spain is very different from mexico or hispanic languague. still we hope that each one could enjoy this.

right now we are working with an extra from itazura na kiss from v01 any group didn't translate it cuz it wasn't part of the main story still we decide to translate it since the mangaka add it in the original manga.

like always feel free to ask any question or doubt about our release. except when is going to be the release of any of our projects hahahaha.
till next time guys


  1. The last for pages (p212-215) are definitely in Spanish, not just the SFXs.

    "mi amigo de la infacia pienso que se enamoro de un campanero del club bastante tiempo justo ese tiempo tuve una pareja y como nunca tuve experiencia estaba pensando en como seducirla"

    Those are the opening lines.

    1. Thanks a lot for been specific right now im having problem with my server but tomorrow i will upload the right ones and replaces the old link to stop the confusion. Thanks again

  2. Just want to cheer you guys up! Thank for working hard and continue Itazura na kiss project.