Monday, January 23, 2012

Nice beginning 2012

hi every one ^o^

its been a while and this month came with a lot of good and bad news.

on the network world its started a war with US government, Anonimous and all the user on the web. its very sadly that megaupload were shut down. i hope sopa law never been approve cuz we will be fucked.

the new good is that we have a new member on this group, welcome mio-chan ^o^ please gave her a warm hug :p that she can feel that she is welcome on this new family. im very happy that some project are starting on track and very soon we can come with our first release. i hope u been a bit of anxious like us. (cruel of me xD)


likes i said before our project were pick up in loneliness, waiting for someone who could saw them in the faraway land. some of this project are been publishing, remember, please support the mangaka, brought the original copy when the manga its release in your country. our group do not own or created this work. we just translate this raws to give the pleasure to the fan to enjoy the great work from the original mangaka.

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