Monday, January 30, 2012

Another release!

hi everyone ^o^

today we have the pleasure to bring a manga that were left behind in the shadows and is oficially publishing by viz media, Ai ore! manga by mayu shinjo. I must say this is one of the group favorite and we hope for you too. Specially now, that apparently will be a live action of this gender bender manga.

For those new here can find our release and some info about the manga in the new section (current).

Also we are looking for 1 or 2 more people who want help us with the project that we have. right now we are working with:
  • itazura na kiss
  • ai ore!
we plan on work with:
  • takumi-kun series
  • after 5 ame no kiss
Both are shounen-ai to yaoi

People interested please go to the section (recruitment/info) there you will find everything you need to know. well with no more delay enjoy.

Ai ore v2 08:


  1. thank you so much for taking ai ore!!! love your scanlation so much, really appreciate it :) waiting for the next release :)

    1. thanks we continue doing our best ^o^

  2. can i suggest other dropped manga for ya'll to do

    1. sure, tell us, depending the case we will try to work on in.

  3. Thank you soo much! I love you guys :D

  4. Thank you for continuing Itazura Na Kiss.. Been waiting for the scanlation a long time..

    Good luck for the next chapter..

  5. Thanks so much for the update on Ai Ore. You are awesome!

  6. Thanks for picking up Ai Ore! :D