Saturday, January 28, 2012

our first release

We are very happy to share our first release and with the help of god, we hope this will bring more goodies. I hope everyone can enjoy it, like we did. Our next release will be Ai ore v02 ch08 by mayu shinjo. when will be? very soon.

please don't forget to say thanks to our wonderful translator mio-chan.

Important: DMP is publishing this, so remember please support the mangaka buying the original copy when its available in your country.

with no more delay.

Itazura na kiss v08 ch 30


  1. Thanks a ton for picking up and continue this wonderful manga! Hope to see more of it soon, and thanks a bunch mio-chan for your tranlation~~~

  2. I was losing hope that anyone would pick up this manga... but then you guys came along. Thank you so much!!!!! ♥

  3. Thank you guys, Itazura na kiss was such a lovely manga and I thought I'd never see it complete. I've watched the anime, but it's just not the same. I really hope you will continue with it.

  4. Thank you guys!!I'm so happy you gave a chance to this manga!!! You made my day better!! :) keep going, I'll be waiting for the next chap!!!

  5. sure, everyone, thanks for your kind comments, we continue working till the next release. we hope u continue enjoy it