Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good evening everyone ^o^

we are very happy to feel all the support about us. we want to say "THANK YOU for all your comment we really  appreciated.

Second, thanks to all the people that send an application in be a part to this group and try to continue bringing more goodies *w*

Right now we are evaluating and replying those email, when they get acceptances they will be announces. so please share a bit of those support too to them.

Also we got a new follower *o*  welcome to our blog >o<

Finally but not less important, for now we CLOSED the application in editor and cleaner position. Like many group we are still looking for translator. Any interested please pass to recruitment section.

well this is for now see you soon ^o^


  1. hi,
    bacause you said it was to suggest some other dropped manga here is my suggestions
    Get you -
    and these ones whitch all only need the last volume done
    the good witch of the west -
    gaccha gacha -
    beyond the beyond -
    cosmo na bokura -
    Oujisama no Tsukurikata -
    Thanks i hope you can do some of them and i really hope you can do get you.

    1. u sure had a lot xD, thanks for the suggestion, i put it on a list to check about them more later and let the staff know about those too. the truth is that we can't promise anything at this point, cuz we are in did a bit short of staff but beside that our priority is try to finish each title before continue more. so at least i will give u hope that one day if nobody else picked, we could work on them.