Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ai ore ch08 2v

well like the title say this is just a 2nd version to all the fans that couldn't understand the first release of this chapter.

we hope this time everyone can enjoy it. please say thanks to mio-chan cuz this time she really did a great effort in proofread it and typesetting in just than few days.

well see you later everyone ^o^

ai ore v02 ch08 2v


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  2. Thank you so much :D ^_^
    Can't wait for Ai Ore Chapter 10 :D

  3. Thank you very much for continuing this manga! It's one of my favorites! :)

  4. Ehy. So when are you going to release chapter 10?

    1. we are hopping soon, cuz one of the staff quit and many of us finished the sprint break, that why our release probably will be a bit more slow than before or less we got more cleaner or editor applicant.