Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another release!

Hi again everyone ^o^

i know many of you must be thinking that we are faster than superman xD, but don't  get your hope to high. The truth is that some are still in break from school and other just have many free time, so in short don't expect our next release be very faster than now (hahahaha). Please say thanks to our hard worker mio-chan and begui-chan to bring this.

Also i want to say something important. We know that many people are concern about the last release of ai ore and about the crappy poor translation that we did. We got hurt to heard that cuz even is the truth but we did our best effort to do it.

i want to clarified that ch08-10 were found in spanish raw and we got  one of the staff that were familiar with that language and we recently got ch11-23 original in japanese, also we got a new proofreader and mio-chan that is also our japanese translator will be helping too. please bear with us till we get to ch11. 

With this release we end volume 2, our next release we will bringing a new volume, so wait with a lot of excitement. well thanks again to all the fans that are supporting us and for those that are still sending application to help. Well my friends with no more delay please enjoy our next release.

ai ore v02 ch09


  1. Thank you so much for the update...^^

  2. Thank you so much for the release of Ai Ore :D Looking forward to your releases :D

  3. Hey, if you're having any trouble with english I'd like to offer my help if you need it :)

    1. thanks for the offer we would have in mind when we need it